When playing online at a Casino there are a few concerns that players may have. Safety is a big concern and part of this is whether the software platform that the games are being played on can be hacked. This is also a concern for the casino software developers so to stay on top of this they work very hard at building and implementing a software defence.

Software Defence has to be built in layers so that all forms of unwanted intrusion is being addressed.


A common worry for software casinos is hacking. There are different forms of hacking. To help combat this anti-brute- force attacks is a protection that is used. This is when hackers are going after passwords by checking different ones on a mass scale hoping they will get lucky and find the right one. The software defence used against this is to set up a method where there are time delays or limited attempts.

Another form of software defence is the anti-bucket-brigade attacks. This type of hack is a hacker attempting to manipulate the data between two users. The defence for this is to set up elaborate encryptions for the communication channels.

Abusive Users

Casino owners have to be concerned about those who are not authorized to use the casino platform attempting to do so. There are several different types of software defence that can be implemented to help prevent this.

  • Preventing multiple accounts from being open
  • Developing a blacklist
  • Using a random number generator

Hackers are very passionate at what they do and they never cease to come up with new ways that they can go about their hacking. Casinos can be a big target for them, and for this reason, the software developers for casino owners must be constantly staying on top of the latest hacking strategies and then finding ways to thwart these.